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Ducati MH 900 e Evoluzione NEW 0 KM NR. 446/2000 pcs

29.990 €
Ducati MH 900 e Evoluzione NEW 0 KM NR. 446/2000 pcs


1e inschr.:01.06.2001
Km:1 km
Vermogen:55 kW / 75 PK
Cilinder-capaciteit:904 cm³



This Ducati MH 900 Evoluzion is from a private collection.

The bike is never used !!!

This is number 446 of 2000 limited idition.

The overall design of the bike was essentially a fusion of old and new.
On the outside it gave off a feeling of 1970s nostalgia with the performance traits of a more modern motorcycle. While most of the concept was retained in the final production, they did swap out the exhaust integrated rear turn signals for a more conventional design and left off the rearview camera and display.
The MH900e was built around the same 904 cc (55.2 cu in) air cooled 90° v-twin engine found on the 900SS. This SOHC motor produced about 75 bhp. By today's standards that power may be a little lacking, but it provided plenty of acceleration and mid-range torque thanks to the fuel injection and lower gearing from the Monster 900. The rattle of the dry clutch alone was enough to excite most old-school enthusiasts. Terblanche wanted the motor to be a focal point of his creation and what better way to display this magnificent piece than to suspend it in Ducati's beautiful red trellis frame.
For a piece of art, the bike handled very well with its tubular steel single-sided swing arm and mono-shock in the rear, upside-down forks up front, 5 spoke wheels and Brembo's triple-disc brake system. Together with the engine, the rider was ensured an exciting ride.

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